These are tags I frequently use and the meaning behind some of them.

I also tag for trigger warnings, but if I don’t tag something you’d like to not see, please tell me about it and I’ll be sure to!

insp. — inspiration tag, anything that i think is cool or will give me inspiration later on.

reference/ resource / tutorial — reference tag, references for things i think i’ll use or need, for art or anything

art / photography / instillation — original art from other artists, it can be painting, sculpture, you name it.

me (old “me” tag)

kina convo / college shit — personal and school shit

replies / ask — replies to people

fashionoutfit / outfits — fashion i really like and might use for reference later.

guro / gore / blood / injuries / bandages / stitches / intestines 

nsfw / nudity  — nudity and sex, it can be explicit or not.

music / audio — music, songs, etc. (or just go to my trntbl.)

rp stuff — things to do with roleplaying

femme / mascu /andro — tagging in appearance of people/beings

pixels / icons / background / themes

sj / gender — social justice and gender.resources and important stuff.

For everything else, you can usually find it by going through /tagged/” “